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The Service

The Service

Whether travelling to or from the airport, making it across town to catch a train, or just avoiding the queues on the way home, we have made a commitment to provide a first class service ensuring our clients’ comfort, safety and peace of mind.

Our normal trading hours are 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday when traffic is at its busiest. Bookings outside these times are normally available given some notice and although we would ask you give as much notice as possible when making any booking, last minute requests can often be accommodated.

Make your booking by email or phone and your bike will arrive on time driven by an experienced Institute of Advanced Motorists (I.A.M) qualified rider, with an excellent knowledge of London and aided by satellite navigation when travelling further afield.

The rider will provide a helmet and all the protective clothing you’ll need to keep you warm and dry from head to toe, whatever the weather.

The bike is fitted with a backrest for passenger safety and comfort and is able to carry a medium sized suitcase or indeed any bags permitted as carry on for Business or First Class airline passengers.

You’ll be able to communicate with your rider via the intercom and use the on board phone or listen to music if you wish.

Our bikes are fully insured to carry fare paying passengers and are licensed and regulated by TfL (Transport for London).

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The Service





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